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World Cruises

Imagine a journey that etches unforgettable memories into your heart, where each day presents a new horizon. A world Cruise is a dream voyage that transcends the ordinary, offering you the chance to immerse yourself in the tapestry of the world’s cultures, from the exotic to the iconic. We offer World Cruises from Cunard, Seabourn and P&O Cruises.
World Cruises


Chosen as “Best World Cruise” in Porthole Cruise & Travel Magazine’s 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards.

Cunard has undertaken more world voyages and sent more ships across the world than any other passenger line, making them the true experts in world voyages. From Sydney Harbour to the Panama Canal, the Caribbean islands and the South Pacific, the world is just a port away, when you experience it aboard Cunard.

World Voyage Benefits – on selected world voyages benefits include a welcome reception, daily gratuities, a commemorative gift, cocktail parties, a gala dinner ashore, the services of a World Voyage concierge, and use of a private lounge.

World Cruises


To travel on a Seabourn luxury world cruise is to discover two extraordinary worlds.

In one, all-inclusive world-class fine dining, fine wines, and fine relaxation. And the other, an exploration of popular ports, hidden coves, and once-in-a-lifetime landscapes. Day after day, exciting discoveries, enriching experiences and lasting friendships emerge as you travel around the world in incomparable elegance and ease.

Join a select society of like-minded explorers following the graceful curve of the earth for a delightful, seasonless span of 140+ days, traveling in consummate comfort, elegance and ease, on board the intimate, immaculate Seabourn Sojourn.

World Cruises

P&O Cruises

A World Cruise with P&O is more than a holiday. This is the ultimate travel experience.

Your chance to explore the farthest reaches, unique cultures and world wonders you’ve always dreamed of. Stunning iconic coastlines, these destinations are gateways to unique sights and unforgettable experiences.

Colours, cuisine and culture you’ve only ever dreamed of… until now. Iconic cities one day, tropical islands the next. Flawless beaches, mountains, temples, the vast blue beauty of the oceans. And you only have to unpack once, when you board and your bags are brought to your comfortable cabin or suite, your home for the duration of your holiday.

You can choose to see up to 28 ports on a 99 night World Cruise, explore the sights of Asia and Australasia on a Classic Southern Hemisphere Journey, or dip into the most captivating regions for a shorter stay.

Luxury & Discovery

Spanning 89 to 146 nights, World Cruises offers a symphony of cultural exploration and serene sea days. Enjoy the comfort of your cabin and surroundings onboard as you travel from bustling cities to secluded villages over three months or more. It’s not just travel; it’s a lifestyle choice that opens the door to the world. World Cruises are about the places you visit, the stories you collect, and the connections you forge. With every port, awaken to a world of possibilities where adventure and luxury sail hand in hand.

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Whether you yearn to circumnavigate the globe or delve deep into a specific region, Whitestar Cruise & Travel offers full-world cruises and shorter segments of particular world cruises to suit your schedule and interests. Exclusive events, overnight stays, and extended port visits allow deep immersion in each destination’s unique charm.

World Cruises are about the places you visit, the stories you collect, and the connections you forge. With every port, awaken to a world of possibilities where adventure and luxury sail hand in hand.

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Set sail on a World Cruise and embrace the thrill of discovery across continents. Whether opting for an entire world cruise or selecting a shorter segment, embark on a journey that promises more than travel.

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