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From the port of Livorno, choose to visit Florence or Pisa…

Florence is one of Tuscany’s Renaissance treasures, with its red tiled roofs, tiny shops and wonderful architecture. For many, this is the romantic capital of Italy and all that visit long to return.

Marvel the mosaic façade and stained glass of the Duomo, gaze up at the tilting bell tower of Pisa or visit the beautiful gold and silver workshops huddled together over the River Arno.

In Florence, the Piazza del Duomo holds a trio of beautiful buildings, which complement perfectly – the Campanile, Baptistry, and the stunning Cathedral (exterior visits only). In Signoria Square you’ll find the Fountain of Neptune, Donatello’s ‘Judith and Holophernes’, and a copy of Michelangelo’s ‘David’.

Soak up the charming atmosphere of Santa Croce Square, with its colourful frescoes, shops, and quaint cafés, and stroll across the bustling 14th century Ponte Vecchio Bridge. Explore the sights, dine with the locals in the Central Market, or simply stroll around soaking up the treasures of this magical city.

Or, explore the Renaissance splendours of charming Pisa, and witness the iconic Leaning Tower.

As you walk into the Field of Miracles you’ll see the splendid Cathedral, Baptistry, Campo Santo, and of course the Leaning Tower. The Cathedral is the finest Pisan-Romanesque building in Tuscany, and inside, amongst its many treasures, you’ll find Giovanni Pisano’s dynamic pulpit.

But the quirky tower is the star of the show. The Tower began tilting during construction in the 12th century and each year leaned a little more. Support was added in 1810 and the tower has been in the same position ever since. Don’t forget to snap the obligatory photo of you holding the tower in place.

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