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Celebrating 10 years of Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth

Cunard’s newest Queen celebrates her 10th anniversary on 11 October!

With art deco features, a unique sports deck and the famous red funnel, Queen Elizabeth is one of the most recognisable ships in the world. Whether it’s visiting vibrant ports or choosing from an array of exciting activities, a journey on board Queen Elizabeth is one you’ll never forget.

A decade on from her launch in 2010, we celebrate ten things that set Queen Elizabeth apart as a unique member of Cunard’s iconic fleet.


It may not be surprising to know that Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth is well-travelled. Since her launch she has visited famous cities, such as Hong Kong, Venice and Sydney, areas of stunning natural beauty, including New Zealand and the fjords of Norway, and the sunny shores of the Mediterranean. Her reinforced hull makes crossing the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans easy, and brings the world a little closer to her guests. With her, every voyage is an adventure.


Freedom to explore. Freedom to relax. Freedom to choose. Queen Elizabeth features over a dozen different bars and restaurants, each one with their own atmosphere and menu, so each meal can be different from the last.

With a myriad of on board activities, and plenty of space to enjoy them in, Queen Elizabeth gives guests the choice to do just as they please. From exploring exciting new cultures on land, to trying activities such as fencing or watercolours, every day is yours, and yours alone.


From theatres to wines, art to literature, Queen Elizabeth is a perfect backdrop to celebrate Cunard’s passions. With special lectures from guest speakers, and on board masterclasses, here you can indulge a passion of your own, or discover a new one altogether.


The classic setting of Queen Elizabeth has influenced many people over the last ten years; for some, just the sight of her dark hull and red funnel is enough to inspire adventure. Explore Cunard’s Inspiration articles, featuring their favourite on board activities and destinations, to get your own imagination going.


Thanks to Cunard’s White Star service, a cruise on board Queen Elizabeth has all the elements of a dream holiday. Complimentary room service and some of the most spacious staterooms at sea are just two of Cunard’s specialities. Explore the ultimate experience of Cunard’s Grills suites, where even your pillow is tailored to your comfort.


It would be remiss of us not to mention the history associated with the name of this famous ship. Queen Elizabeth is actually the third Cunard Queen of her name: the first being RMS Queen Elizabeth, in service 1939-1968, and the second being Queen Elizabeth 2, launched in 1969 and retired in 2008.

HM The Queen was present at the launches of all three ships: a symbol of Cunard’s lasting bond with royalty, and one of many historic moments from Cunard’s beginnings 180 years ago.


With the addition of Alaska to her itinerary list in 2019, and with the launch of a new programme for 2021, Queen Elizabeth isn’t afraid to go to new places for her guests’ enjoyment.

From her decks you can view towering mountains and flowing glaciers, while whales swim below. Cross the Pacific and encounter the cities of Japan, and the marvels of Australia and New Zealand.


One of the reasons Cunard is still here after 180 years is due to their loyal guests. Queen Elizabeth favourites include the food – both quality and choice – the range of entertainment and music on board, and the generous stateroom sizes.


With a range of venues, group activities, and events for solo travellers, Queen Elizabeth has seen countless friendships, and even romances, begin onboard. Cunard has played host to many famous friends as well, from politicians to musicians, and more…


With challenges come opportunity, and with Queen Elizabeth, Cunard has risen to the occasion with exciting new itineraries for 2021, with scenic cruises around the British Isles and a vibrant programme that unlocks the magic of the Mediterranean . So long as we look ahead together, we are sure that the next decade will be just as adventurous, passionate and inspirational as the last.

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