Our fleet of Norwegian coastal and expedition ships will take you on unique journeys from pole to pole.

Everyone is an explorer with Hurtigruten

As the world leader in expedition travel, the fleet of Norwegian coastal and expedition ships will take you on unique journeys from pole to pole. Benefit from the skills of a full Expedition Team, who serve as hosts, lecturers, instructors, teachers and guides.

Benefit from the skills of a full Expedition Team, who serve as hosts, lecturers, instructors, teachers, and guides. Whether you are sailing with Hurtigruten along the Norwegian coast or other remote destinations around the world, you will be accompanied by an expert Expedition Team.

With 130 years’ experience in exploration, new state-of-the-art hybrid ships, and dramatic destinations,

Hurtigruten is all about unique, sustainable adventures across the world and from pole to pole.

Magnificent fleet

On each ship you will find modern facilities carefully blended with true character. Hurtigruten’s onboard facilities are carefully thought out to create a great expedition.

On the newer Explorer ships, guests can enjoy advanced features such as an outside infinity pool, Jacuzzis, and a state-of-the-art Science Centre.


Whether you’re interested in standing among enormous penguin colonies in Antarctica, swimming or snorkelling in the azure waters of the Caribbean, traversing a glacier in Svalbard, or soaking in hot springs in Iceland, Hurtigruten has offers to save on exciting expeditions to bucket-list locations.

Hurtigruten offers authentic, immersive experiences along with unforgettable wilderness and cultural adventures, enabling you to learn about incredible destinations in a meaningful and educational way.


Their expeditions to destinations like Antarctica, Svalbard, and Iceland are unmatched: their ships are floating base-camps-at-sea, built specifically to cruise in extreme conditions and access remote regions. They also come with tools to assist you in fully exploring your surroundings, like kayaks, trekking poles, and snowshoes.

Whether you’re eager to meet a few friendly penguins or longing to search for the elusive polar bear, Hurtigruten offer it all.

Norwegian Coastal Cruises

Hurtigruten’s cruises along the Norwegian coast, nicknamed ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Voyage’ by Lonely Planet, have earned their place on lists of iconic traveller routes!

Experience Norway’s beautiful fjords, charming ports, and rare wildlife under the Midnight Sun or spectacular Northern Lights. Hurtigruten’s daily departures take you on cruises where no other ships go; no matter the season, their journeys along the Norwegian coast are filled with amazing scenery and unique experiences.

Expedition Cruises

Get up close and personal with wildlife, culture and incredible scenery – from pole to pole. With their explorer voyages, Hurtigruten take you from the polar bears of Svalbard in the north to the penguins of Antarctica in the south with a fleet of advanced, intimately-scaled expeditions ships.

Hurtigruten’s history of exploring polar regions traces back to 1896, making them one of the most experienced travel companies in the world. Hurtigruten offers breath taking experiences in remote corners of the world, expeditions that appeal to those who value thorough exploration of seldom-visited destinations.

Explore with the experts

Experience Norway’s beautiful fjords, charming ports, and rare wildlife. Tick off those bucket list destinations and discover the excitement of the Northern Lights or explore Antarctica, Alaska or the Arctic islands, and so much more!

Hurtigruten expeditions are led by superbly skilled and experienced captains and crew who sail with a deep respect for the power of nature. The crew are experts in challenging conditions, with years of experience and vast knowledge of the environment.

A new era in Exploration Travel

Seeking to minimise the negative impact of their operations, Hurtigruten puts great effort into enhancing their destinations, strengthening their environmental initiatives and running a responsible and sustainable operation. Being world leader in exploration travel comes with a responsibility. Sustainability is the core of every part of the Hurtigruten operation and experience.

As well as refurbishing their existing ships, Hurtigruten has invested in brand new ships which incorporate the very latest in technology. By constructing the world’s first battery hybrid powered expedition ships, Hurtigruten introduces the next generation of adventure travel.

Hybrid explorer ships will revolutionize travel at sea.

Premium dining drawn from Norwegian heritage

Every expedition needs an oasis; a place of comfort to relax and savour the adventures of the day.

On Hurtigruten’s new hybrid ships, guests can choose from three exciting onboard restaurants. On the coastal fleet, Hurtigruten feature the Norway’s Coastal Kitchen concept, in which they offer the very best local produce to guests as we stop in places no one else does to take on great local ingredients. On all Hurtigruten sailings, their skilled chefs see to it that the culinary journey matches the magnificent scenery that passes by the top deck dining room windows.

Northern Lights Promise

The beautiful Aurora Borealis is Mother Nature’s ultimate light show. No trip to the Arctic Circle is quite complete without experiencing this highlight at least once on your journey. If the Northern Lights do not appear on your cruise to Norway, Hurtigruten will give you another 6 or 7-day Classic Voyage FREE OF CHARGE. The promise is applicable on select voyages between 1 October and 31 March. Hurtigruten reserves the right to withdraw or amended the offer at any time. Ts and Cs apply.

Take advantage of Hurtigruten’s unique Northern Lights Promise: Get a free cruise if you don’t see the Northern Lights on your sailing along the Norwegian coast from October to March!