Sporting Greats And Wellness Voyage

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Queen ElizabethCunard
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  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Sydney to Sydney
  • 13 - 20 February 2024

Cruise on board Queen Elizabeth from Sydney to Sydney for 7 nights.

Good food, Fine wine, Unforgettable company. Cunard's Great Australian Culinary Voyage offers a unique opportunity. Indulge your love of all things food and wine, while at the same time enjoying a summer voyage on Queen Elizabeth.

Cruise Itinerary

Sydney, Canada 13-02-2024
Hobart 15-02-2024
Port Arthur 16-02-2024
Melbourne 18-01-2024
Sydney 20-01-2023

Sydney, Canada Embark: 13 February 2024

Off the east coast of Canada lies a group of large islands which make up the region of Nova Scotia. The port of Sydney is located along a long waterway, creating Canada’s ocean gateway to Cape Breton Island.

Hobart In Port: 15 February 2024

Wave goodbye to any preconceptions you may have of Australia, as you say hello to wonderful Hobart on the southeastern coast of Tasmania. Revel in the capital's splendid heritage, scenery and culture. Hobart has a distinctly European look and feel, and a unique local character. Capital of Australia’s Island State, with Mt. Wellington as its backdrop, it has plenty to offer the adventurous and the inquisitive.

Port Arthur In Port: 16 February 2024

No call at Port Arthur is complete without visiting its once-feared and ever-infamous prison colony, a UNESCO historical site. Explore the fascinating ruins, once booming dockyard and restored houses.

Melbourne In Port: 18 January 2024

Originally part of New South Wales, Victoria became a colony in its own right in 1851. The discovery of gold and the development of agriculture propelled Melbourne’s rise to prominence and prosperity. Melbourne is a green and welcoming city, teeming with cultural institutions as well as cafés, bars and restaurants serving a spectrum of international cuisine. Melbourne is also an event city, home to the Australian Open Tennis, the Melbourne Cup and numerous other sporting occasions. Anyone who gets to know the city finds it has a kaleidoscopic character. Signs of Melbourne’s heritage are everywhere, and yet the city bears the glass and steel hallmarks of a modern metropolis. A visit here guarantees myriad experiences, most within easy walking range, and others a short ride aboard one of the historic trams that criss-cross the city.

Sydney Disembark: 20 January 2023

Australia’s oldest and largest city was born in 1788 with the arrival of the "First Fleet" that transported 760 British convicts. Gold and sheep breeding propelled Sydney’s development; today it is the largest port in the entire South Pacific. Mark Twain called it “the wonder of the world”. James Michener wrote, “It is a thing of beauty, a fairy-tale body of water”.
Queen ElizabethCunard

Elegant and Modern

Her elegance and modern features have won her many accolades and made her a firm favourite with her passengers. The heyday of Hollywood glamour is evoked by Queen Elizabeth's elegant wood panelling, gleaming chandeliers, marble flooring and beautiful decorative touches.

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