Northern Europe: Iceland, Norway & Belgium

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Norwegian PrimaNCL
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  • Norwegian Prima
  • Reykjavik to Southampton
  • 3 - 13 July 2025

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Cruise on board Norwegian Prima from Reykjavik to Southampton for 10 nights.

Discover destinations of mythological lore, fascinating history and extraordinary beauty with Norwegian Prima - the first in a new class of ships designed to elevate every expectation. Visit Iceland's capital, Reykjavik and venture into the picturesque Thingvellir National Park.

Cruise Itinerary

Reykjavik 03-07-2025
Isafjordur, Iceland 04-07-2025
Akureyri, Iceland 05-07-2025
Alesund, Norway 07-07-2025
Maloy, Norway 08-07-2025
Geiranger, Norway 09-07-2025
Amsterdam 11-07-2025
Bruges (tours from Zeebrugge) 12-07-2025
Southampton 13-07-2025

Reykjavik Embark: 3 July 2025

A mass of brightly coloured corrugated iron roofs is a familiar sight here in the world's most northern capital city. Experience the incredible views of the Golden Waterfall and wonder at the spouting geysers. Join in a national pastime - shopping! Designer labels, local wool, gourmet treats, even a flea market, it's all right here.
Isafjordur, Iceland

Isafjordur, Iceland In Port: 4 July 2025

The Westfjords in northwest Iceland is a remote and sparsely populated peninsula of steep, tall mountains cut by dozens of fjords. The raw and untamed natural landscape around Ísafjörður is characterized by a subarctic environment. A colourful show of blooming tundra wildflowers carpets the mountain slopes and valleys during the short, cool summer. Keep your binoculars handy. Iceland's western fjords are prime whale watching waters and, if your luck's in, you may just spot a tell-tale spout of water.
Akureyri, Iceland

Akureyri, Iceland In Port: 5 July 2025

Established in the mid-17th century, Akureyri is home to Iceland's largest fishing company and its biggest shipyard. Viking sagas, spectacular fjords, snow-capped mountains... Iceland's Capital of the North is also surprisingly mild and the so-called Green Town is made for those long summer days.
Alesund, Norway

Alesund, Norway In Port: 7 July 2025

Ålesund is renowned for its beautiful art nouveau architecture. This owes to a devastating fire that burned a large part of the city to the ground in 1904. The entire town was subsequently rebuilt in the fashionable art nouveau style of the time. Take the opportunity to wander Ålesund’s charming cobblestone streets and admire the numerous spires, towers and highly-ornate buildings. Norway is a seafood nation and Ålesund is its fisheries capital. Take the opportunity to visit the Norwegian Aquarium - built directly into the rocky coastline, the aquarium is also an architectural marvel. Due to excellent oceanic conditions along the Norwegian coast, the aquarium features a colourful and exciting range of fish and fauna, including octopus, seals and penguins.
Maloy, Norway

Maloy, Norway In Port: 8 July 2025

Situated on the eastern side of Vagsoy island, Maloy is one of the country's most important fishing ports. Though a small coastal village of only a few thousand residents, the region surrounding Maloy is big on outdoor activities, fresh seafood and is steeped in history.
Geiranger, Norway

Geiranger, Norway In Port: 9 July 2025

This small village is one of the most visited locales in Norway's fjord lands. If you love waterfalls, you're in the right place. In steep, stunning Geirangerfjord, the Seven Sisters - Geirangers scenic waterfalls, forever woo the Suitor, another cascade on the opposite shore. A tour to Mount Dalsnibba (1500m high) presents views of this spectacular area in unrivalled glory.

Amsterdam In Port: 11 July 2025

Strikingly beautiful, this city is famed for its concentric canals crossed by humpbacked bridges, and cyclist-friendly avenues of tall trees and gabled houses. Savour the charming sites of this beautiful city on foot, a canal boat tour or get a bike for the most authentic experience. Known as The Venice of the North', Amsterdam's bustling canals, world-famous museums and historical sights are a must-see.
Bruges (tours from Zeebrugge)

Bruges (tours from Zeebrugge) In Port: 12 July 2025

With its leafy squares, picturesque canals and historic architecture, Bruges is one of the most attractive cities in Europe and a popular destination for tourists around the world.

Southampton Disembark: 13 July 2025

The UK's premier passenger ship port, located in the picturesque English county of Hampshire, Southampton is a vibrant waterfront city, serviced by direct trains to London, an airport, and an international cruise terminal. Explore the city’s maritime heritage and links to RMS Titanic in the Sea City Museum, see contemporary British art in the Cultural Quarter, or walk the medieval walls in the Old Town. Further afield you’ll find The New Forest National Park, Winchester Cathedral, Stonehenge, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and the Isle of Wight, while the city’s thriving craft beer and culinary scene will leave you spoilt for choice.
Norwegian PrimaNCL

For the pioneers and the connoisseurs.

For those venturing out for the first time and those drawn to the exceptional. This ship is crafted just for you. Introducing Norwegian Prima, the pioneering vessel in a novel fleet of ships designed to surpass every anticipation. Revel in expansive vistas with the most generous outdoor deck space amongst contemporary cruise ships. Bask in roomy lodgings and savour top-tier service that ensures prompt delight. Embark on a 360° oceanic promenade along the fresh Ocean Boulevard. Delight your palate with an array of tastes at the Indulge Food Hall. Or merge with the skyline in one of the panoramic infinity pools. Experience the innovation on the high seas with Norwegian Prima.




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