Doha to Athens

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Celestyal JourneyCelestyal
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  • 8 March - 15 November 2025

Cruise on board Celestyal Journey from Doha to Athens for 252 nights.

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary voyage that will transport you from the vibrant energy of Doha to the dazzling cities of Dubai and Muscat. Experience the enchanting beauty of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, and a captivating transit through the iconic Suez Canal. Immerse yourself in the charming allure of Kusadasi before arriving in the ancient city of Athens.

Cruise Itinerary

Doha 08-03-2025
Dubai, UAE 09-03-2025
Muscat, Oman 11-03-2025
Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt 17-03-2025
Transit Suez Canal, Egypt 18-03-2025
Kusadasi, Turkey 21-03-2025
Athens 22-03-2025

Doha Embark: 8 March 2025

Whether you're a museum wanderer, an avid shopper or a beach goer, Doha has something for you. Doha is a city on the rise and has been for many years. There's always new architecture to marvel at and new sights to see. From beautiful mosques to waterside parks, there so much to feast your eyes on-and so many restaurants to feast in. Stop by the National Museum of Qatar to see not just marvels inside, but an intricately designed modern building.
Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE In Port: 9 March 2025

Experience the blending of traditional Arab culture and modern western culture in Dubai. Gaze skyward to see the tallest building in the world, the 2,722-feet-high futuristic Burj Khalifa tower, or walk over to the impressive Jumeirah Mosque. Seek out jet-set haunts or stroll through the heart of the old city, Dubai Creek, which is home to the Dubai museum as well as the labyrinth alleyways of gold, spice and textile souks, where bargaining is part of the fun and ritual.
Muscat, Oman

Muscat, Oman In Port: 11 March 2025

In this low-rise gem, wedged between Arabian Gulf and scenic mountains, your first impression will be of the Sultanate of Oman's beautiful main palace. Three forts Mutrah, Jalali and Mirani stand guard at the entrance of Muscat. Once ashore witness lavish palaces, Zawawi Mosque, its pink marble crowned by a gilded dome, and Muttrah Souq, a jumble of crafts and clothing perfumed with spices and frankincense.
Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt In Port: 17 March 2025

Cruising into the modern port of Sharm El Sheikh allows you to see the beautiful views from a unique perspective. Dramatic mountains are seen cresting the horizon providing a stunning contrast to the bobbing yachts and luxury cruisers in the marina.
Transit Suez Canal, Egypt

Transit Suez Canal, Egypt In Port: 18 March 2025

Take in the impressive sight of vast ships waiting to enter the Suez Canal at the southern entrance on the Red Sea. Suez is an embarkation / disembarkation point for those visiting Egypt's historical wonders.
Kusadasi, Turkey

Kusadasi, Turkey In Port: 21 March 2025

Gateway to one of Europe’s largest open-air archaeological museums; find ancient treasures in Kusadasi. Founded by the ancient Greeks, the City of Ephesus served as one of the key centers for Christianity and, due to its strategic location, was a significant trade center of the ancient world. It remains one of the most well-preserved sights in history and is a truly memorable highlight for visitors to Turkey. Kusadasi is a city full of immaculate beaches, lively nights and shopping heaven – a fun seaside city. A huge covered bazaar stretches out from the port and the buzz from trendy seaside bars and restaurants floats through the air. Lose track of time ambling from café to café and exploring its myriad of shops and historic sites.

Athens Disembark: 22 March 2025

Sun-drenched and mythic, Athens is a big and modern metropolis with inspiring world heritage marvels at its very heart. The most important city-state in ancient Greece and the birthplace of democracy is also the sprawling capital of Greece today, but most of the major archaeological and historical sites are to be found within a compact area around the Acropolis itself. Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world and rightly considered to be the cradle of Western Civilization. Even a short visit of the Greek capital’s highlights, starting with the iconic Acropolis, is enough to fall under its legendary spell. And then there’s the Plaka! This enchanting, historic neighbourhood curls around the bottom of the slopes of the Acropolis. Cobblestone streets, pastel-coloured neoclassical townhouses and myriad shops and cafes make this the most beautiful neighbourhood for a stroll.
Celestyal JourneyCelestyal

A New Journey of Discovery Awaits

The Celestyal Journey underwent a $20 million refit giving her a stylish makeover. With a passenger capacity of 1,260, more guests have the chance to make their dream vacation a reality. Celestyal Journey has nine passenger decks and 630 cabins, located across five of those decks, 80% of which are with ocean view, bringing guests closer to the wonders of Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean. 




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