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Seabourn EncoreSeabourn
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  • Seabourn Encore
  • Athens to Istanbul, Turkey
  • 23 - 30 July 2023

Cruise on board Seabourn Encore from Athens to Istanbul, Turkey for 7 nights.

A week of epic adventure awaits, from exploring the labyrinth built to confine the fabled Minotaur to following a grand marble road once tread by Antony and Cleopatra. Wander cobblestoned streets through charming whitewashed villages, sip ouzo at a family-run taverna, and soak in the sun at an off-the-radar beach that is one of the finest in the Aegean.

Cruise Itinerary

Athens 23-07-2023
Spetses, Greece 24-07-2023
Agios Nikolaos, Crete 25-07-2023
Kusadasi, Turkey 26-07-2023
Mykonos, Greece 27-07-2023
Skopelos, Greece 28-07-2023
Skiathos, Greece 28-07-2023
Bozcaada, Turkey 29-07-2023
Istanbul, Turkey 30-07-2023

Athens Embark: 23 July 2023

Sun-drenched and mythic, Athens is a big and modern metropolis with inspiring world heritage marvels at its very heart. The most important city-state in ancient Greece and the birthplace of democracy is also the sprawling capital of Greece today, but most of the major archaeological and historical sites are to be found within a compact area around the Acropolis itself. Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world and rightly considered to be the cradle of Western Civilization. Even a short visit of the Greek capital’s highlights, starting with the iconic Acropolis, is enough to fall under its legendary spell. And then there’s the Plaka! This enchanting, historic neighbourhood curls around the bottom of the slopes of the Acropolis. Cobblestone streets, pastel-coloured neoclassical townhouses and myriad shops and cafes make this the most beautiful neighbourhood for a stroll.
Spetses, Greece

Spetses, Greece In Port: 24 July 2023

Nicknamed “The Isle of the Aromas”, Spetsai is a delight to all of the senses. The island’s historic old town is a yachtsman’s paradise, boasting a stunning harbour, quaint shops and some of the finest restaurants in the Saronic Gulf. The rest of the island is relatively unpopulated and is ringed by a single road, along which you can travel in a horse-drawn carriage. As you pass by quiet, rolling hills, be sure to pause at one of the many quiet coves along the way to refresh yourself with a dip into the cerulean waters.
Agios Nikolaos, Crete

Agios Nikolaos, Crete In Port: 25 July 2023

The charming resort town of Agios Nikolaos embraces the picturesque Lake Voulismeni where Athena and Artemis were rumoured to have bathed, and in more recent times where the Germans sunk their weapons when retreating from Crete in WW II. The town, whose name (Saint Nicholas, in English) refers to Greece’s patron saint of sailors, fronts the wide blue Bay of Mirabello, and is one that is typically found on the Greek island with neoclassical buildings, restaurants, bars and shops line the lakeside. Wander the streets and marina and soak up the sun in one of the many cafes.
Kusadasi, Turkey

Kusadasi, Turkey In Port: 26 July 2023

Gateway to one of Europe’s largest open-air archaeological museums; find ancient treasures in Kusadasi. Founded by the ancient Greeks, the City of Ephesus served as one of the key centers for Christianity and, due to its strategic location, was a significant trade center of the ancient world. It remains one of the most well-preserved sights in history and is a truly memorable highlight for visitors to Turkey. Kusadasi is a city full of immaculate beaches, lively nights and shopping heaven – a fun seaside city. A huge covered bazaar stretches out from the port and the buzz from trendy seaside bars and restaurants floats through the air. Lose track of time ambling from café to café and exploring its myriad of shops and historic sites.
Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece In Port: 27 July 2023

A real vision of Greek island beauty, Mykonos is a sight to behold, with the cobalt blue Aegean waters that wash around its border onto gold sand beaches. Inland, white sugar-cube houses and red roofed churches add to the picturesque appeal. Meander through the jumble of tiny streets, where bougainvillea, clematis and geraniums cascade from balconies. No wonder it was such a favourite of Aristotle.
Skopelos, Greece

Skopelos, Greece In Port: 28 July 2023

Much of the coast consists of steep cliffs, though the island does have a few beaches. Atop one of these cliffs stands the chapel of Agios Ioannis, which was the location for the wedding scene in the film “Mamma Mia.” The port town of Skopelos, or Chora, is famous for its protected stock of traditional Pelion-style houses. The Folklore Museum houses many artifacts from the local culture. Agios Athanasios church, from the 11th century, is just one of the islands 360 churches, although many are either privately owned or closed. There are some interesting Byzantine monasteries however. Beekeeping is popular on Skopelos, and flower or pine honey makes a nice souvenir. The Sporades are a main breeding area for the endangered Mediterranean monk seals.
Skiathos, Greece

Skiathos, Greece In Port: 28 July 2023

This small island is the westernmost of the Northern Sporades group in the Aegean Sea. It is best known for its beaches, of which the island boasts 60 beaches along its 44 km coastline. These include the nearly legendary Kokounaries beach, Banana beach and Lalaria beach with its picturesque rock arch, which is accessible only by small boats. Skiathos town curves around a pretty harbour and has a lively nightlife during the tourist season. The campanile of the Panaghia Limnia church, built in 1837, rises above pine trees on a hill atop the town.
Bozcaada, Turkey

Bozcaada, Turkey In Port: 29 July 2023

Bozcaada is an idyllic Aegean island that has stayed far away from the usual tourist-luring tricks, allowing for its natural charm to attract visitors. Also known as Tenedos, the former Greek island is full of cobblestoned streets, old rustic homes with colourful windowpanes, deserted sandy beaches, excellent vineyards, and traditional tavernas under the grapevines. This tiny island 12 miles off the Turkish coast embodies the ideal of the “hidden gem.” Its harbour is dominated by a sprawling fortress. There is no compelling attraction here other than the picturesque, but unpretentious charm of a quiet, unspoiled haven. Much of the island is dedicated to vineyards producing both red and white varietals. Ayazma beach offers clear water, although freshwater springs keep the water chilly even in the summer heat. At the peninsular Polente Feneri, a white lighthouse is guarded by a picket of modern, three-bladed windmills. Local flavours worth tasting are red poppy syrup and a luscious tomato jam you won’t find anywhere else.
Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey Disembark: 30 July 2023

Layers of history, tradition merging with modernity, and awe-inspiring architecture – Istanbul is like no other city in the world. Split between two continents, Europe and Asia, Istanbul is truly unique. It boasts lavish Byzantine and imperial mosques with sky-high minarets that make up the city's skyline; your first sight from the Bosphorus Strait on your Istanbul cruise. There's an endless list of must-see sights to tick off, all conveniently packed into the Sultanahmet district.
Seabourn EncoreSeabourn

Seabourn Encore

Seabourn Encore is as strikingly beautiful and as excitingly innovative as any Seabourn has ever debuted. She crowns a fleet that is already the newest, most modern and most acclaimed in the ultra-luxury segment. Modelled on the award-winning trio of ships introduced with Seabourn Odyssey, Seabourn Encore represents another welcome stage in the evolution of small-ship cruising, which Seabourn pioneered and has consistently expanded and enriched.




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