7-NT Alaska Fjords & Canadian Inside Passage

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Seabourn QuestSeabourn
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  • Seabourn Quest
  • Juneau to Vancouver
  • 20 - 27 June 2025

Cruise on board Seabourn Quest from Juneau to Vancouver for 7 nights.

Take your part on this 7-night cruise to a world-class travel destination. Explore the dramatic backdrop of high snow-capped peaks of Tracy Arm-Fords where you can enjoy zodiac, kayaking, or hiking activities especially curated for you by Seabourn Expedition Experiences. Travel by the Zodiac and get close to the face of the glacier (ice conditions permitting) for a firsthand, water-level view of any icebergs from the glacier.

Cruise Itinerary

Juneau 20-06-2025
Endicott Arm, AK 21-06-2025
Cruising Stephens Passage 21-06-2025
Transit Decision Passage 22-06-2025
Wrangell, AK 22-06-2025
Cruising Stikine Strait 22-06-2025
Cruising Behm Canal 23-06-2025
Rudyerd Bay (Misty Fjords) 23-06-2025
Prince Rupert 24-06-2025
Scenic cruising Grenville Channel 25-06-2025
Alert Bay, British Columbia, Canada 26-06-2025
Scenic cruising Johnstone Strait 26-06-2025
Transit The Seymour Narrows 26-06-2025
Vancouver 27-06-2025

Juneau Embark: 20 June 2025

Beneath an ice field that never melts, on a waterway that never freezes, Juneau is the most unusual and stunning of capitals. Home to 280 species of birds, brown and black bears, nature lovers can also watch out for orca and humpback whales here. Ashore, there’s an excellent theatre and range of clubs, bars restaurants to suit all tastes. The town that kick-started Alaska’s gold rush is rich with treasures of all varieties, from native Tlingit history and excellent seafood to an abundance of outdoor pursuits. It’s little wonder that most of Juneau’s residents arrived for a short stay and decided never to leave. If you’re feeling fit try exploring Alaskan-style amongst the glaciers by kayak or trekking with crampons and an ice axe. By far, one of the most popular excursions from Juneau is to Mendenhall Glacier. At half a mile wide, the glacier is one of the most accessible in Alaska and a visit here is high on many Juneau visitor’s wish lists.
Endicott Arm, AK

Endicott Arm, AK In Port: 21 June 2025

Sparkling still waters. Majestic mountains. Soaring eagles. All these and more are sights that await at Endicott Arm. Enjoy scenes of extraordinary natural beauty as your Cunard Queen sails along this 30-mile stretch of glasslike water, at the end of the Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness.
Cruising Stephens Passage

Cruising Stephens Passage Cruise by: 21 June 2025

One of the straightest stretches of the Inside Passage is the Stephens Passage just south of Juneau, a 105-mile channel between 5,000-foot peaks that cuts through the Alexander Archipelago between Admiralty Island on the west and the mainland and Douglas Island on the east. It is a good place to be on deck, because Admiralty boasts more bears than people, and the spruce and hemlock forests come right down to the water.
Transit Decision Passage

Transit Decision Passage Cruise by: 22 June 2025

Decision Passage is the western end of the Sumner Strait, which runs through the Alexander Archipelago into the Pacific Ocean in Southeastern Alaska, bounded on the north by Kuiu Island and Cape Decision, the location of a 1932 lighthouse. This is the route your ship takes when coming from or going to the colorful historic community of Sitka on the west coast of Baranof Island, which was originally the Russian fortress town of New Archangel.
Wrangell, AK

Wrangell, AK In Port: 22 June 2025

There are many facts and features that make Wrangell unique. Not least because over the years, this town has been ruled by four different nations – the indigenous Tlingit people, Russia, England, and the U.S. Evidence of Tlingit culture can be seen all over Wrangell, from the traditional, tribal Shakes Community House to the many totem poles scattered throughout the town.
Cruising Stikine Strait

Cruising Stikine Strait Cruise by: 22 June 2025

Stikine Strait is a picturesque channel in the Alexander Archipelago of Alaska between Zarembo Island and Woronkofski and Etolin Islands near the mouth of the Stikine River south of Wrangell. It first appears on an 1848 Russian chart as Stakhin Strait and has been spelled variously on many charts since that time.
Cruising Behm Canal

Cruising Behm Canal Cruise by: 23 June 2025

The 108-mile Behm Canal runs from the Clarence Strait through the Alexander Archipelago of Southeast Alaska, and into the channel separating Revillagigedo Island from the mainland. It forms part Inside Passage on the route between Ketchikan and the Misty Fjords National Monument.
Rudyerd Bay (Misty Fjords)

Rudyerd Bay (Misty Fjords) Cruise by: 23 June 2025

Its vertical granite cliffs, which reach 3,000’ (900 m) above sea level, descend another 1,000’ (300 m) below the water’s surface. Carved by glaciers and covered in a green carpet of mosses and lichens, Misty Fjords receives more than 150” (381 cm) of rain per year. Western hemlock, Sitka spruce, and western red cedar dominate the prolific vegetation along its shore
Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert In Port: 24 June 2025

Prince Rupert is a port city in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Its location is on Kaien Island near the Alaskan panhandle.
Scenic cruising Grenville Channel

Scenic cruising Grenville Channel Cruise by: 25 June 2025

Grenville Channel is a long, well-protected channel along the northern British Columbia coast between the large Pitt Island and the mainland. It is an important shipping lane, and you are likely to see ships of many different types and sizes as you pass through. The shores are mountainous on both sides, with two notable peaks about halfway through, Mt. Batchellor on the east side and Mt. Saunders on Pitt Island to the west. There are a number of Indian Reserves and Marine Parks in the mountains and narrow waterways off the channel.
Alert Bay, British Columbia, Canada

Alert Bay, British Columbia, Canada In Port: 26 June 2025

Located on the now-dormant Alert Bay volcanic belt, Cormorant Island is host to Vancouver Island's oldest northern community, the small town of Alert Bay. It is located in the traditional territory of the Kwakwaka'wakw First Nation and today is a blend of both aboriginal and pioneer culture.
Scenic cruising Johnstone Strait

Scenic cruising Johnstone Strait Cruise by: 26 June 2025

Johnstone Strait is a well-protected shipping route passing 68 miles/110 km along the northeast shore of Vancouver Island between the island and the mainland of British Columbia. The strait is between 1 ½ miles and 3 miles wide, and leads from the broad Georgia Strait through a narrow channel called Discovery Passage. T
Transit The Seymour Narrows

Transit The Seymour Narrows Cruise by: 26 June 2025

The Seymour Narrows is a 3-mile/5 km stretch of the Discovery Channel north of Vancouver Island, British Columbia that is notorious for the strength of the tidal currents flowing through it. The average width of the narrows is just 750 meters. During extreme tides, the current through the narrows is subject to severe Venturi effect, resulting in an increased velocity that can reach 15 knots.

Vancouver Disembark: 27 June 2025

Vancouver provides stunning scenery to discover in endless outdoor fashion all year-round. Grouse Mountain and Capilano Suspension Bridge are just two of the top highlights. British Columbia’s marine parks offer remote fjords and vast lakes perfect for whale-watching and hiking, or swimming and kayaking from May to September. Vancouver’s Gulf Islands are teaming with wildlife, keep your cameras close and binoculars at the ready for spotting pods of dolphins, seals, eagles, whales, otters and sea lions.
Seabourn QuestSeabourn

Seabourn Quest

Seabourn Quest is the third iteration of the vessel design that has been called “a game-changer for the luxury segment.” True to her Seabourn bloodlines, wherever she sails around the world, Seabourn Quest carries with her a bevy of award-winning dining venues that are comparable to the finest restaurants to be found anywhere. Seabourn Quest offers a variety of dining options to suit every taste and every mood, with never an extra charge.

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