Transatlantic Crossing On Cunard’s Queen Mary 2

If tradition, elegance, luxury, and being active or relaxing are what you are looking for in ocean travel, then we highly recommend a Transatlantic Crossing on Cunard’s Queen Mary 2.

Cunard focuses on bringing back the history, romance, and luxurious experience when crossing by sea was the only way to travel between North America and Europe.

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  • Cunard
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As Cunard would say, “there’s cruising, and then there’s Cunard.”


Samuel Cunard established the Cunard Line back in 1840, which was also the year of Cunard’s first Transatlantic Crossing.

Cunard is a British cruise line known for its luxury and renowned for its Transatlantic voyages. The cruise line focuses on the tradition and feel of the glory days of ocean travel; Afternoon tea is served daily, and on gala evenings, guests adorned in black tie and gowns elegantly dance the night away with a live orchestra in the Queens Room Ballroom.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing break with long lazy days spent lounging by the pool or want to experience expert talks, stay active with various activities to choose from, the options are truly endless, and the choice is always yours. Your cruise fare includes well-appointed accommodation, fine dining, fabulous entertainment, and outstanding service.

Cunard is the only cruise line that retains a scheduled transatlantic service. In 2023 Queen Mary 2 undertook 18 Transatlantic Crossings, in addition to cruises to Canada, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean.

Read more about Cunard’s 180 years of history here.

Cunard’s Queen Mary 2

What makes an Ocean liner different from a Cruise ship? Only Cunard has a genuine Ocean Liner in Queen Mary 2 (QM2), the flagship of Cunard’s fleet. Queen Mary 2’s incredible size, thick hull, deep draft (the distance from the waterline to the keel), high freeboard (the distance from the waterline to the upper deck), and exceptional stability, as well as her advanced environmentally-friendly power plant onboard, gives her the strength and speed for Atlantic crossings.

Queen Mary 2 is the most technically advanced ship regarding manoeuvre control. She weighs an incredible 148,528 tons and is 345 metres long, making her one of the longest passenger ships in the world. Her standard crew capacity is just over 1250, with a passenger capacity of 2695, with a price tag of 800 million US Dollars. However, her length and weight are not what makes her unique – her style, beauty, and elegance make her genuinely mythical.

Part of her elegance is her traditional furnishings, with an up-to-date experience for her passengers. The beauty of her contemporary art deco-inspired interiors will take your breath away. You will also enjoy outstanding dining, luxurious accommodation & world-class entertainment.

Queen Mary 2 boasts classic curved lines, sunburst carpets, and a magnificently decorated atrium. You’ll discover remarkable craftsmanship in elegant staterooms and suites, with room service when needed, or enjoy her many sumptuous restaurants offering world-class dining.

The space she provides with the luxury for you to do as much or as little as you wish sets her apart. Day or night, you’ll find an ideal setting for every occasion.

  • Royal Court Theatre
  • Casino
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Lounge Areas
  • Library
  • Pools
  • Spa
  • Deck Activities
  • Gym Facilities
  • Live Music
  • Traditional Afternoon Tea
  • Wine Experiences
  • Gala Evenings

Whether you are in the mood to be active, or to completely relax, to immerse yourself in enthralling entertainment, being pampered in the spa, relaxing with a book in her library, lounging by the pool, to drinking champagne at sunset – Queen Mary 2 truly offers it all.

If you want to experience the romance and the tradition of classic ocean travel of a bygone era, this is the voyage for you!

Cunard’s Transatlantic Cruise

There is something nostalgic about crossing the Atlantic on a luxury cruise. The romantic setting, fresh sea air, live music in the background, and the opportunity to dress up for gala evenings; take you back to a golden age of ocean travel when cruising was the only way the rich and famous travelled.

Sail on a Transatlantic Crossing, and experience an ocean journey unlike any other. It will allow you to escape the real world with the time to indulge in life’s greatest pleasures.

As you cross the magnificent Atlantic, you’ll have seven days at sea to experience Cunard’s traditional luxury and personalised service.

A Typical Day at Sea Crossing the Atlantic

A Transatlantic crossing on Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 and what a typical day at sea looks like depends entirely on you and what you want to do. Here’s what a day at sea could look like for you.


Wake up with the opportunity to get ready at your leisure and enjoy breakfast in the dining room or an elegant buffet-style restaurant. Alternatively, stay in bed a little longer and have breakfast delivered to your stateroom, complimentary.


There are plenty of places to explore onboard, and you can do as little or as much as you wish during a day at sea;

  • head over to a café for a coffee
  • relax with treatments at the spa
  • visit the gym
  • hear a compelling talk from one of Cunard’s renowned Insights speakers
  • indulge in some retail therapy in elegant boutiques
  • lounge by the pool
  • watch a movie
  • take dancing lessons
  • enjoy deck games & activities


There are loads of options for a satisfying lunch on board. Whether you feel like a pub lunch in a restaurant setting or delicious light bites at comfortable lounges, there is something for every taste.


Enjoy a moment of calm and tranquillity with a book in the library, take a dip in the pool, lounge around, join a yoga class, advance your appreciation of wine, or indulge in Cunard’s signature traditional afternoon of High-Tea in the Queens Room from 15h30.


Evenings are for dressing up as night brings a sense of occasion allowing you to switch to smarter wear. Indulge in pre-dinner drinks at one of the many glamorous bars and lounges, before you settle in for world-class fine dining in the Britannia or Grills Restaurants. Step out in your finest evening wear on Cunard’s signature Gala Evenings, or, if you prefer keeping it more casual at night, you’ll find many areas on board where casual wear is welcome.

Late Night

If you’re a night owl, the fun continues after dinner- late-night shows, live music, and dancing the night away. Maybe catch a show at the theatre, a nightcap at the Commodore Club or enjoy some time at the casino; whatever you choose, you’ll end your day in style.

Activities On A Transatlantic Crossing On Cunard’s Queen Mary 2

A transatlantic liner is built for sea days, so there is an emphasis on keeping you entertained with a remarkable daily menu of activities.

Enjoy morning ballroom, line dancing, or Zumba dance classes, with traditional afternoon tea daily. There are loads of deck games, including trivia, board and card games, hobby courses, and cooking classes. Other daily activities include art, classical concerts, and shows in the only planetarium at sea – Illuminations Planetarium.

Cunard Insights™ enrichment programme offers talks, seminars, and discussions by well-known historians, explorers, writers, politicians, scientists, and other notable experts. Each Crossing has four guest speakers, with three to four talks lasting 45-minutes each day.

Another primary focus is The Queens Room. With a sweeping dance floor, double-height ceiling, and glittering chandeliers, a visit to the Queens Room won’t fail to evoke the timeless romance of ocean travel.

Cunard is known for its Gala Evenings, which offer a spectacular evening of music and celebration that will sweep you away in the spirit of the occasion. Enjoy signature dining menus and speciality cocktails with music, entertainment and glamour adding a sense of magic onboard. You may prefer having your evenings in a more relaxed setting, and you won’t be expected to wear gowns and jackets each evening.

Evenings are a highlight for Cunard’s guests, with many pleasures to choose from deciding where to dine, whether to dance, mingle and enjoy a show, or simply to relax.

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