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Asia, by Cunard

Rising from Arabia's desert sand, the cities of the Middle East gleam in the hot sun, towering testaments to opulence and ingenuity, while the allure of Hong Kong captivates through its contrasts: bustling street markets next to glossy stores; illuminated skyscrapers peopled with ancient beliefs and customs.

Featured Cruises in 2018.

Each of Cunard's three Queens offer their own interpretations of this corner of the world. Tracing Asia’s southern shore links together an incredible diversity of destinations. Many harbours along these age-old trade routes became important stopping points for merchants around the world, helping to shape today’s vibrant, intriguing ports.

Featured Cruises in 2016.

Dig beneath the surface and you'll discover a rich and intricate tapestry of cultures, beliefs and traditions woven around thousands of years of architecture and history. Trace famous trade routes aboard Queen Mary 2, glimpse ancient civilisations, and discover natural wonders.

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