2019 World Voyages

Cunard 2019 World Voyages

Oceans of Discovery

Enter a world of unparalleled adventures and exclusive privileges

Most of the greatest places on Earth were discovered by crossing the oceans, which is why it remains one of the most evocative ways to travel today. As the pioneer of luxury seafaring, Cunard invites you to discover a wealth of fascinating shores in three distinct types of voyage.

The World Voyage, by Cunard

  • A classic western circumnavigation via the Panama Canal

  • Exclusively on Queen Victoria

  • 107 nights

  • Ports of call include San Francisco, Sydney and Ho Chi Minh City.

Grand Voyages, by Cunard

  • Intercontinental with more days at sea

  • Available on all three ships

  • From 11 to 96 nights

  • Ports of call include Cape Town, Beijing and Auckland.

Regions of the World, by Cunard

  • A focus on one region per voyage : Asia, Australiasia, East Asia, the Americas and the Pacific Ocean

  • Available on all three ships

  • From two to 55 nights

  • Shorter in duration with more ports of call

Cunard 2019 World Voyages

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