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River Cruises

Discover exotic and interesting destinations.

The rivers of the world have become firm favourites for travelers to explore. European river cruising has recently boomed and cruise lines are expanding to more exotic and interesting destinations. As a niche of cruising, river cruises are an increasingly popular option, particularly for travelers who enjoy the comforts and variety of cruising, but who wish to explore the nuances of the destinations: its food, culture, people and customs!

The choice is yours if you’d like to sail gently along as medieval castles float by your balcony or if you prefer the hustle and bustle of a trip through an Asian metropolis.

Since so many of Europe’s classic cities grew due to their proximity to their rivers, the waterways of the original trade routes to places like Vienna, Budapest and Paris are not large enough to house mainstream cruise ships, yet they’re not too small for a flotilla of specially designed river ships.

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